Carpet Care

Carpeting adds warmth, visual appeal, color, and texture to home décor. Quality carpeting, with proper care, will last for decades. Always follow the manufacturers suggested methods for the care and cleaning of your home’s carpeting.

Use An Entrance Mat

In many cultures, it is customary to remove one’s shoes before entering the home. If this is not a practice followed in your home, you can prevent a lot of grease, oil, and soil from being tracked in if you have an entrance mat outside your front door and encourage family members and guests to wipe their feet well before entering.

Vacuum Frequently

Sand and grit can cut carpet fibers. Prevent a traffic wear pattern in your carpet by frequently vacuuming to remove dirt, dust, and debris before they are ground into the carpet. Vacuuming also removes dust and dander that can cause allergies.

Stains And Spills

No matter how careful you are, sooner or later you will drop something on your carpet that could cause a stain. The best way to prevent a stain, other than not spilling something in the first place, is to immediately blot up the offending liquid with absorbent paper towels. Use a light blotting motion only, being careful not to scrub or rub the stain into the fabric. To do so may damage the fibers of the carpet and cause the stain to penetrate deeply into the carpet and through to the pad.

After you have blotted up as much of the spilled liquid as you can with a paper towel, cover the spot with several layers of clean cotton toweling and place a weight on the spot to encourage the towel to soak up any remaining moisture.

If you discover your pet has had an accident that soaked into the carpet before you could blot up liquids, try blotting with a paper towel and then heavily sprinkle baking soda on the spot. The soda will soak up liquid trapped in the carpet fibers, and the baking soda is easily removed by vacuuming.
The baking soda also helps remove offensive pet odors.

Avoid Chemical Carpet Cleaning Products

Today, diverse arrays of types of fiber are employed in the manufacture of household carpeting. Many manmade carpet fabrics are designed to clean easily, resist stains and stand up to high traffic and the activities of families with small children and pets. Stain and soil resistant carpets will stay clean, fresh and beautiful with a twice-a-year professional steam cleaning. Avoid using chemical laden cleaning products that can lock in the stain, damage carpet fibers or remove color.

Choose A Reputable Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpeting represents a substantial investment in your home’s décor. Do not entrust their care to anyone less than a licensed and bonded professional carpet cleaning service. While it may be tempting to respond to cut rate advertisements, you do not want to provide access to your home to anyone but an experienced and established professional that has the equipment and knowledge to clean your carpeting correctly.

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When you’re a homeowner, it’s tempting to save money any way you can. Oftentimes people take repairs into their own hands when they don’t have the knowledge or experience to complete the job safely. What begins as a way to save money can quickly turn into a disaster–as you spend lengthy periods of time on a project and find yourself going over your initial budget.

It isn’t always easy to know which projects you can attempt yourself and which ones are better left to the pros. And, of course, it will depend on your comfort and skill level when it comes to various household repairs. So, if you’re a plumber, disregard our plumbing advice and dive in to your DIY plumbing projects since you have the know-how. But if you’re an average homeowner looking to make some renovations and repairs, read on to find out which ones you should attempt and which ones are better left to the pros.

1. Electrical work

So you’ve got a few faulty outlets in the new home you bought. It doesn’t seem worth calling in an electrician just for those few minor issues. However, due to the dangers and complications that can arise from electric work, it’s a good idea to hold off and call in the experts.

Aside from shocking yourself (which can be deadly), you could also create fire hazards or damage circuitry, resulting in much higher repair costs than you initially had.

Another benefit of calling in al electrician, other than having the project done correctly, is that they will be able to diagnose your home circuitry to let you know what other problems might arise in the foreseeable future. So, when it comes to power issues, always call in the pros.

2. Hazardous materials

Many people will tell you not to worry about asbestos or lead paint unless you have children. However, these are both dangerous materials than can create several chronic health problems in adults as well. If you’re concerned for the safety of yourself and your family, call in contractors who will remove the lead or asbestos.

What can go wrong if you try to do it yourself? Lead chips and dust will fly through the air when attempting to remove lead paint. Breathing in these fumes is dangerous initially and down the road when the dust settles into the corners of your home. Asbestos, especially in blown-in insulation can be particularly dangerous.

Aside from ensuring your safety, a contractor will also be able to assess the situation and determine whether your hazardous materials need to be removed or can just be “repaired” or covered up. Simple repair jobs on asbestos or lead-containing objects can save you some serious time and money.

3. Roofing and siding

There’s a reason even building contractors bring in third party companies to install roofs and siding. These are both labor-intensive and time-intensive jobs that require specialized skills and tools that only dedicated companies can accomplish correctly.

Roofing and siding are both dangerous jobs that carry the risk of falling off of roofs and ladders, as well as injuring your back lifting heavy shingles. The pros have the tools and experience to avoid these injuries.

When you hire the professionals to do your roofing or siding, you can rest assured that the job is done correctly and will last much longer than if you made it a DIY project as well.

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